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Flare Gas Recovery system is one of the major environmental and energy conservation issue in Oil & Gas, Platform Refinery and Chemical lndustry. These valuable Hydrocarbon vapours are efficiently recovered in our Flare Gas Recovery System. The key is to correctly engineer & design the system for the variable availability of feed. Recovering these value of Hydrocarbons are giving great savings to the users in-terms of energy conservation and environmental benefits. Projects will have great savings & environmental benefits by recovering those valuable Hydro Carbons.

Mini refineries

Mini-refineries are self-supporting units which need a small levelled earth pad. Their installation is relatively simpler and quicker. The capital cost is affordable and returns are quick. Mini-refineries are intended to solve energy crisis in the regions served by them. These refineries are ranging from 0.03 to 1.0 MMPTA capacity. We have successfully designed and constructed mini refineries which are under the government approved schemes to develop the wells in multiple region and support the fuel growth of the Country. This technology is highly portable and cost effective for regions which are unable to accommodate a large refinery specifications

" We are committed to helping our customers find engineering solutions that deliver immediate
and long-term, bottom line results " 

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